Are you A Wedding Lead and Referral Magnet?! 
I'm Sharing My Best Kept Client & Vendor Experience Secrets! 
Wedding Photographers:
Are your clients and other vendors raving about you to everyone they know?!
Are you getting infinite FREE wedding referrals and leads from your clients and fellow vendors?!
Do You Want To Increase Your Prices, Soon?
Or have you increased your prices and you need to cater to your clients in a way that matches your new price point?!
Are You Having Trouble Connecting With Other Wedding Vendors? 
Have you found it impossible to get on the coveted preferred vendor list and make friends in the industry?
Do you love to exceed your client's expectations?!
Do you love serving your clients and wowing them with the unexpected?  Is it your goal to blow your clients expectations out of the water and in turn create raving-super fans?! 
$100k Budget Weddings!
Jessica Lowell
I was booking & shooting $50-$100k budget weddings my 2nd year in business with ZERO prior wedding experience!
Hi friends, I'm the big dreamer behind Five Fourteen Photography! My amazing husband, Rick, and I have been gracing the wedding scene since 2016. When I started Five Fourteen, I had no idea how wildly successful it would be in such little time! All I knew was that I was going to give it my all and serve my clients with every ounce of my soul. That's the vision of Five Fourteen - to brighten up the atmosphere in any way humanly possible!

In January of 2016 we presented at a bridal show with only one wedding under our belt and having only ever been in our own wedding. That's right, we had ZERO wedding experience! By 2017 (our 2nd year), we were photographing 35 weddings a year and many of those with very healthy budgets ($50-100k)!  By 2018 we were turning away more inquiries than we were taking and now I'm on a mission to help other wedding photographers grow their business with purpose and in rapid time! 
just imagine
Receiving wedding leads full of dream clients on a regular basis with little to no marketing and zero ad-spend! 
grow with purpose
The way I won potential clients over in my first year of business was an eye-opening and life-changing paradigm shift for us!
When I first started my wedding photography business, I wasn't sure anyone would even want to book me! I found a little trick (hint: it's a gift) to getting couples to trust me with their big day and it only cost me $10! I'm sharing that $10 secret and many more with you today!

That $10 secret was the ah-ha moment in my business! That's when I knew just simply being a wedding photographer wasn't going to cut it. If I wanted to build a luxury brand and charge MORE than I'm worth, I needed to cater to my clients in a way no one else would!

Over the years I've tested many different options and I'm sharing all of those with you today in my Ultimate Gifting Guide
Raving Super Fans!
Your "job" as a Wedding Photographer becomes much easier when you give your clients an experience that causes them to become raving super-fans!  
Imagine showing up to the engagement session to meet clients who are already WOWED by you!

Imagine entering the getting ready room and all of the bridal party already knows YOUR name!

Imagine your clients leaving you raving online reviews BEFORE they ever even leave for their honeymoon!

 The Ultimate Gifting Bundle
An Expert Wedding Photographer's Guide 
To Gifting A Luxury Experience With Any Budget!
The Ultimate Gifting Bundle Is 
The First Of It's Kind In Our Industry!
Here Is Exactly What You Are Getting...
The Ultimate Client Gifting Guide
An Expert Wedding Photographer's Guide To Gifting A Luxury Experience No Matter Your Budget.
  • Easy-Peasy: Take all the guess work out of gifting to your clients! I've done all the research, the testing, and even thrown in other amazing ideas for all types of gifts, any time of year, and so many possible scenarios! 
  • Over 25 Pages: Jam packed with ideas, inspiration and content!
  • Bonus: You'll get my Exact Gifting Experience I use with my luxury wedding clients today AND every gift I've ever sent; even to my first year clients when I only charged $1,000 to shoot a wedding! Also, the gift I gave away for free in my first year to earn a 100% booking rate!
  • Purposeful: More than just a list of gifts! Each page is full of ideas, thoughts behind the gifts, and links to where you can get the gifts at the best value that I have found! 
  • Budgets For All: You can't afford NOT to gift to your clients! That is why I have gifts for you ranging from $3 to $100. Gifts that are sure to have you thinking, "Why didn't I think of that"?!!! 
Marketing+Packaging Resource 
In my Marketing & Packaging Resource Guide I outline every single source that I use for packaging and shipping.  
  • FREE: Links to download the fonts I use in my marketing for FREE! 
  • ​RESOURCE: Where I design and order my gorgeous custom branded shipping boxes!
  • ​LINKS: To the exact filler and ribbon I use in my gift boxes, the gift boxes I use and much more!
  • ​​RESOURCE: What FREE online source I use to pay for and print shipping labels to mail from the comfort of my home!
  • ​​​LINKS: Where to get printer friendly shipping labels to fit each custom branded box. 
  • ​EVERYTHING YOU NEED to duplicate my practically automated client-gifting system and more!
Gift Schedules (Workflow)
A guide full of schedules for gifting based on your ideal budget and time-frame!  Just add this to your workflow and let your CRM tell you when it's time to send gifts!
  • No Planning Needed: The best thing about this bundle is that the process is all thought out for you! With my Gifting Schedule, all you have to do is apply my concepts, pick your favorite gift ideas within your budget and be prepared to expect your clients raving about you to their friends!
  • Budgets For All: You can't afford NOT to gift to your clients!  Inside this guide I have different gifting scenarios for all wedding investment budgets! 
Vendor Relationship Mini-Guide
An Expert Wedding Photographer's Guide To Authentic Vendor Relationships. 
  • Applicability: Easy to apply tips to make the most out of your vendor relationships.
  • Authentic: How to purposefully and authentically make new friends in the industry.
  • Bonus: Gifting ideas for your vendors!  
Outsourcing Mini-Guide
Ever heard of drop-shipping?
  • Easy-Peasy: Is the thought of putting together client gifts too much for you? This guide includes my favorite resources for Client Gift Outsourcing. Just click and ship! 
Total Value: $150
Plus, My Best Kept Branding Secrets...

Ultimate Gifting Card Bundle

I've never opened up an offer like this to the public before, and you most likely won't see it ever again! I'm giving you access to every word I personally use when I send my client's gifts, in beautifully editable .PSD format so that you can print them on card stock (I like and automate your gifting experience! You'll have free rein to use my exact wording and design with your own clients! All you have to do is change your name, logo, and branding colors then send to print!
  • TEN READY TO SEND: Pre-Designed and Pre-Written Cards to go with each gift that I send my clients today and more! 
  • ​BONUS: Use my wording! No need to reinvent the wheel!  The wording is all already there for you. 
  • ​DONE-FOR-YOU BRANDING: Just change my name to yours, add your logo, and change branding color to your own! (I'll show you how in my how-to video included!)

Blank Card Designs + Scripts

I'm also including my blank note card designs (PSD format); one blank inside foldable card and one postcard format along with the scripts I use (for the gifts I send with a hand-written note)! All you have to do is change your name, logo, and branding colors then send to print!
  • TWO DESIGNS: One blank-inside folding note card and one 5x7 postcard style notecard (PSD).
  • ​SCRIPTS: The exact wording I use for my hand-written cards is also included!
  • ​DONE-FOR-YOU BRANDING: Just change my name to yours, add your logo, and change branding color to your own! (I'll show you how in my how-to video included!)
Total Value: $225
client's said
See exactly how my clients are raving about the gifting experience on The Knot and Wedding Wire! 
"I love this! I think this is a genius guide! 
Exactly what I've been looking for - for my client experience" !
plus all this
Mind if I overdeliver? In addition to this extremely valuable bundle (honestly, what are your business secrets worth to you?), I will also throw in massive value:
The exact email I send to all of my clients to encourage timely reviews! ($49)
My favorite go-to for gorgeous fonts! (WARNING: this website is addicting) ($29)
How I save money when ordering my Client Gifting Cards WITHOUT a vendor coupon! ($19)

  • How to edit my PSD files. Includes how to make those pretty "swooshes" on calligraphy letters ($145).
  • ​How I design my custom branded shipping boxes without having to hire a designer ($95).
  • ​How to print paid shipping labels from the comfort of your home ($45). 
  • ​My favorite source to purchase beautiful and affordable design elements for branding (shipping boxes, card designs, logo elements, fonts, etc.) ($30)
Total Value: $315
Transform your client experience today! 
Remember, whey your clients become raving super-fans, they do all the marketing for you!  With each special surprise they receive, your clients fall in love with you more and more; which, in turn, relates to infinite referrals and 5-star reviews!  Not to mention, it makes your "job" so much easier when you are photographing them. You put your clients at ease and set yourself apart as an expert in your industry!
See what other photographers have already said about the Ultimate Gifting & Marketing Bundle!
Not The Typical Gifts Most Photographer's Give!
I am LOVING the gift guide!  ... I love all the different options for different price points but I also love how they are not the typical gifts most photographers do!  I've been looking for different ideas that are just as fun and special that create an experience. I feel. sooooo much better about what I'm setting up for my clients now!
Stephanie Berenson
Exactly What I've Been Looking For!
I love this! I think this is a genius guide! Exactly what I've been looking for - for my client experience!
The Ultimate Gifting & Marketing Bundle
All of my best-kept client & vendor experience secrets!!!
Ultimate Gifting Bundle 
5 PDF Guides Total ($150)

Card Designs + Scripts ($225)

Bonus Videos +Resources  ($315)

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